Grading System

The grading or examination system in Lao Chi kung fu is quite simple. When someone joins a Lao Chi kung fu school, they join as a beginner. This also applies to students and even instructors from other systems or styles of martial arts, no matter what grade or colour of belt or sash they are, or for how long they have been training within that other style or system.

Beginners are allowed to take their first exam after a minimum of three months training. If passed, students then become a white sash novice. The second examination can be taken, again after a minimum of three months training. This is for yellow sash and the title of yellow sash novice.

After yellow sash the minimum time before a student can take their next exam, which is for green sash and the title of student increases to six months. The next exam, to become a blue sash student will require a minimum of nine months training. Nine months is the minimum training time for the next three exams also, which is for brown sash student, 2nd brown sash senior student and for 3rd brown sash senior student. For the latter two of the brown sashes, students also receive a black and white yin yang badge for 2nd brown and a red and white yin yang badge for the 3rd brown.

The next exam is for the coveted black sash and the title of disciple. This requires a minimum of twelve months training.

Guide to Grading

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